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Credentialing Centers
Using Your LincPass
Contractors and other USDA cooperators, such as interns, volunteers, fellows, and affiliates, may need a LincPass to access USDA systems and/or facilities.

There are three main criteria that will indicate whether an applicant requires a LincPass:
  • Applicant uses a USDA computer or has access to other protected IT resources.
  • Applicant has access to sensitive information as defined in DR 3440-002 and Privacy Act documents
  • Applicant requires unescorted access in MC (Mission Critical) or NCR (National Capital Region) areas (or as determined by particular agency’s local risk assessment)
USDA non-employees who meet the criteria for a LincPass will need to be sponsored to obtain a LincPass, and will be contacted via email when it is time for them to enroll for their new credential. After enrollment, the next step is activation. This can be done at an enrollment center. USDA will be rolling out a light activation solution later in 2009 for applicants who are located too far from established centers.

Non-Employee/Contractor Applicant Steps

Each non-employee/contractor who requires a LincPass must go through several steps to obtain their LincPass: Sponsorship, Adjudication, Enrollment, and Activation. The Non-Employee/Contractor Applicant Steps page detail each of these steps.

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